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Following the most recent announcement by the government we are pleased to advise we are opening our doors again on Saturday 4 July

We have been working very hard to implement all the safety guidelines to ensure we are fully compliant while also considering the environment we create for you, and any challenges our venue will present. We have also been busy on the new interior of both buildings ‘eeek’ and can’t wait for you to get here!

Before we get to the booking part, we just want to make some parts of the guidelines very clear.

  • In order to assist with the NHS track & trace system, we are legally obliged to gather data from customers coming into our premises.
  • Social distancing must still be maintained (2m, or 1m+ where 2m is not achievable )
  • Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles)
  • Outdoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of householdsThere are a number of other criteria that we MUST satisfy and that we can fully control, but the 4 points above are things for you to consider personally.

We wont be checking passports, doing any DNA tests like Jezza kyle, or investigating who lives with who. Therefore we have to rely on the integrity of our customers when making bookings.

When you arrive, there will not be screens everywhere, there will not be staff dressed in space suits, we will not be checking your temperature, we will not be running about spraying cleaning products everywhere, and despite Mr Trumps suggestions, we wont be knocking out shots of domestos at the bar – although we do have some pretty awesome new cocktails 🤪

With that said, we are taking our preparations and practices very seriously and have the following measures in place:

  • We have invested in a new App for table ordering. Scientific data suggests that infection rates are at their highest when we are talking to each other at close proximity. Therefore we will be limiting the time our staff spend with you at the tables. The new app will have the full menu available including all drinks so you can order direct from your table or from any of our outdoor areas and your food or drinks will be brought to you. But don’t worry… we have a back up plan for those that may struggle with it.
  • We have limited bookings within 30 mins slots throughout the day to help control the rate at which customers arrive.
  • When accessing certain areas of the venue, our staff may wear face protection. Face protection is not a mandatory requirement or even a recommendation within the guidelines, but there will be occasions when we must mitigate risk when a safe distance is not possible such as when delivering food or collecting plates or glasses etc.
  • We have significantly increased our already high cleaning practices and methods to ensure our venue is kept safe at all times.
  • We have redesigned our kitchens to ensure staff can maintain a safe distance where possible.
  • We have made hand sanitiser stations readily available throughout the venue for the safety and comfort of our customers.
  • We have provided appropriate signage to make all information constantly available.

Right then… so lets talk bookings and availability.

We know this is all going to be difficult when we return to many new ways of working. And you know we are extremely committed to offering you the best standard of service despite any circumstances. So in order to give ourselves time to learn any lessons, make any adjustments and to carry out a thorough deep cleaning schedule EVERY week. We will be operating with amended opening hours for the foreseeable future.

Opening times

  • Mon & Tue – Closed
  • Wed – Sat – 09:00 – 23:30 – (kitchen closes at 21:00)
  • Sun – 09:00 – 19:00 – (kitchen closes at 17:00)

We will have a minimum of 40 seats available to book throughout the venue.
The majority of ‘bookable’ seats will be in our exclusive restaurant area – The Launch, with only a limited number of seats able to be reserved in our lounge – The Mess.

In the Launch, bookings will have a maximum seating period of 2 hours + 15 mins for each additional person on the table. E.g. – a table of 5 will have an allocated seating time of 2 hours 45 mins. If there are no further bookings for the table, or the table is booked after 19:30, then the table can be occupied for the remainder of the evening. If the table is required, customers are invited to take a seat in The Mess or use our outdoor areas.

There will be an additional 30 seats available in The Mess for walk in customers who wish to have some drinks or access our dinner menu in The Mess.

Our outdoor areas including our brand new BEER GARDEN will accommodate an additional 50 people, with a token system in operation to control capacity and maintain social distancing – Tokens can also be reserved, however we cant reserve seating.

Our online booking system is now live, you can get yourself a table using the booking tool at the top and bottom of this page.

If you want to help us out further, buy vouchers before you arrive and help us reach our CrowdFunder total so we can benefit from additional funding from the North East LEP. You can find out more HERE. Vouchers will be allocated on 30th June ready for you to use from our opening day on 4th July and you will have 6 months to use them.  

We appreciate this content is as dry as sticks, and there is as much info in here as Boris’ press briefing, so if there is anything unclear or you want to know anything specific, please don’t hesitate to reach and we will do our best to help you.

We cant wait to see you next week. 😁

The Caboose Team

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For group bookings of 6 people or more please call us on 01670 359851

Group Bookings & Events

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one. Caboose events team are more than happy help you organise your plans along with set up and any other special requests you may have. For parties of 8-10 we have our booth which is available to book in advance by contacting us.