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Caboose Fresh

So you fancy yourself as a chef …👨‍🍳

We believe in you👊
and we think you are going to love the dishes we have created for you.

We have produced a nice broad range to start with
that will suit all tastes

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Remember All of our meals are prepared and priced
for 2 people 😲 amazing value right?

The Menu

small plates

**new** Tomato, Red Pepper and goats cheese Soup  serves 2-4 people
 £8.50 (£2.12 per portion)

This is a tremendous soup. Filling, warming and fairly healthy too – 3 of your 5 a day in one portion actually. As a starter this will feed four people, or a very filling lunch for two.

🍽 Fresh Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Garlic and Thyme, finished with crumbled Goats Cheese – packed full of flavour.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – This is my favorite soup. You can have it as runny or as thick as you like by controlling the water content during cooking, so it can suit all preferences. I love the Goats Cheese crumbled in at the end, leaving it a few minutes to melt a little, then getting stuck in with some nice chunky bread. If you don’t like the cheese, don’t worry as its not cooked into it, so you can leave it and just enjoy the soup as it is.


**new** Caboose Fish Cakes for 2
£8.50 (£4.25pp)

Not quite the Caboose favorites you enjoy in the restaurant, but this is as close as we can get without all the big pieces of kit we have in the kitchen.

These fishcakes can be enjoyed as a nice starter or as a light lunch with a nice crisp side salad.

🍽 Fresh Salmon and Cod from our fishmonger, potato, parsley, panko breadcrumbs, served with wilted Spinach.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – The method we used here is similar to what we use in the restaurant, there are a few small tweaks, because you wont have pieces of equipment you’d find in a commercial kitchen, but the flavour is still there.  These fishcakes are nice and big and will make a lovely starter or lunch. I’d recommend serving with a nice crisp side salad and some tartare sauce.

large Plates

**new** Caboose Chicken Balti for 2
 £16.90 (£8.45pp)

A proper tasty curry, using loads of fresh ingredients and fresh spices, served with a lovely fragrant Basmati rice. Homemade flatbreads to mop up all that sauce and clean your plate. With a nice portion of chunky Raita on the side to dip in. This is a great alternative to takeaways, really filling and full of good nutritious food too!
🍽 Fresh Chicken Breast, Authentic Indian Spices, Basmati rice, Homemade Flatbreads and a natural Yogurt Raita with Fresh Mint and Cucumber. 

Chef Comments 👨‍🍳 – This is lovely filling dish. The recipe includes authentic ground spices to add a load of flavour and smell, and then fresh green chili to add the spice. Don’t be put off by the chili, it wont blow your head off at all. This is a mild dish, but if you want to play it safe, just leave the chili out toward the end. You will definitely enjoy this, it is good fun to make, quite complex flavour combinations. The breads are pretty simple to make so don’t worry about that. Once you have done it, you can also experiment to add your own twists. A real curry and a bit different.


**new** Caboose Pork Meatballs for 2
£15.50 (£7.75pp)

This is really different and an absolute cracker of a dish. Interesting to make using lovely fresh ingredients, the smells are amazing and the taste is absolutely tremendous. The broth is something we like to use at Caboose for a number of things when playing around with special dishes.

🍽Ground Pork Mince, Fresh Thai inspired spices, Coconut milk, Basmati rice, Garlic and Ginger.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – Imagine lovely filling meatballs, then think of a fresh zesty Thai curry, throw them in a blender and this is what you get. A really different dish, full of flavour and really filling. This is a broth remember, a dish to be eaten with a spoon… So don’t be afraid to drench it in the sauce and get stuck in. To add a bit more you could add some homemade flatbreads from some of our other recipes, but you will struggle as this is pretty filling as it is.


Pan Fried Rib Eye Steak  for 2
 £24.50 (£12.25pp)

We all claim we can cook a mean steak right….           but this ain’t just a bog standard steak and chips…
This is an absolute cracker of a dish & very filling too.
🍽 2 absolute stonkin Rib Eye Steaks, straight from our butchers pan fried, served with squash & spinach pappardelle, and a light & creamy Dijon sauce. 

Chefs comments👨‍🍳This one will surprise you when it comes together at the end, and it is quite a challenge too… watch Marc sweat! 🥵


Baked Cod Papillote for 2
£15.50 (£7.75pp)

With a fancy name like that it’s bound to be impossible!  It’s tricky, but well worth it and a great way to get loads of flavour into your veg at the same time.
🍽2  nice big fillets of Cod, Seasonal chunky Vegetables, Aromatic Herbs in White Wine, Tomato Passata and Italian Olive Oil

Chefs comments👨‍🍳 – Preparing the paper pouch can be tricky, but a useful skill to learn and a good way to get loads of flavour locked in to those veggies.  I though I would have caught Marc out with this, but… well, you’ll see….🤣


Roasted Chicken Supreme for 2
£15.90 (£7.95pp)

If carlsberg made a chicken dish…..  Well they wouldn’t, but when you do, we are confident it will be the best in the world!  This is an absolute cracker.
🍽 2 nice big Pan Fried Chicken Breasts , Crispy Sauteed potatoes with the best Stornoway Black Pudding you can get your hands-on, Roasted Tender Stem Broccoli, and Caboose Pepper Sauce. 

Chefs comments 👨‍🍳 – Not happy giving my pepper sauce secrets away here!  I know you’ll love this one.  Don’t worry if you don’t fancy black pudding, you can just leave it out, But you should definitely give it a bash (when a Scotsman says it is THE best black pud… you should listen).  I even let Marc loose on this one alone!


Goats Cheese Gnocchi for 2 (V)
£14.00 (£7pp)

But it’s veggie🙄…. Yes we know and it’s great.  As a nice alternative for a meat eater,  we have adapted a true Caboose favourite straight from our menu for you to try.  You won’t be disappointed!
🍽 2 nice big thick Slices of Baked Creamy Golden Goats Cheese, Hand Made Lemon and Herb Gnocchi, Crispy Fried Mushrooms, Wilted Spinach Fricassee

Chefs comments 👨‍🍳 – Making your own Gnocchi is not something most people could boast.  I looked forward to watching Marc make a right mess with this one… you’ll have to watch his effort!  I have adapted the method to cook the Gnocchi in a domestic kitchen, but this is pretty close to what has become a really popular dish at Caboose.  You’ll enjoy it!


£16.90 (£8.45PP)

A really tasty dish this one and a great way to enjoy some nice rich food in quite a unique way.  A nice relaxing one to make really, and fulfilling for a fish dish.
🍽 2  lovely Salmon Fillets freshly delivered from our fishmonger, pan fried and oven baked, Crispy Potato Cake filled with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Olives, finished with Lemon and Caper Butter, with lovely Seasonal Greens

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – This dish has some really strong flavours and can be chucked together quite quick.  Once you learn the tricks of it, it can be adapted easy to make some nice variations… you should have a play around with flavours once you get the hang of it.


The Soulful Caboose Chicken Ramen for 2
£14.50 (£7.25pp)

This one does what it says on the tin…. It’s inspired by caboose, Its a traditional Japanese ramen, It has Chicken, and it will destroy your soul if you mess up those runny boiled eggs at the end🤣
🍽 2 big lovely, steaming hot, hearty bowls of Traditional Chicken Ramen with Noodles, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Crispy Spring Onions, Chopped Herbs all served In a Bowl of Clear Broth Infused with Asian Flavours and topped with a Soft Boiled Egg.

Chefs comments 👨‍🍳 – This is something i am considering for the menu at caboose… but i am a little bit scared as it involves a soft boiled egg…  trust me, there is not that sends a kitchen packaing easier than getting eggs right 😡 .  But if you can crack it (see what i did there?) you are in for an absolute treat.  This one is definitely a snap for insta… it looks & tastes amazing!


Caboose cheesy chicken crepes for 2
£15.00 (£7.50pp)

Chicken and Crepes … Surely that can’t work 🤔 … Oh yes it can! It more than works, this is an absolute cracker of a dish for all the family and a filler too! You will not be disappointed with this at all, and you can experiment with it if you like.
🍽 Roast chicken, fresh mushrooms, spinach and herbs, homemade savoury crepes, all rolled up and smothered in the famous Caboose cheese sauce.

Chefs comments 👨‍🍳 – This is actually quite a technical dish. Making pancakes is easy not everyone’s forte and making a good cheese sauce has many a Chef in a flap. To make the sauce, we’ll have you making a ‘Roux’… This is actually a very useful thing to be able to make for a variety of sauces. The rest… well, it will surprise you, fill you, and have you wanting to make it again and again.


Classic Beef Bourguignon for 2
£15.90 (£7.95pp)

Real comfort food to cheer you up and enjoy with a nice glass of red. No corners cut here, this is cooked in the oven using a traditional method… I nice relaxing one over time… but the result is well worth the wait!
🍽 Tender slow cooked beef, pancetta, baby onions, carrots and mushrooms in a rich warming sauce, served with creamy garlic mash.

Chefs comments 👨‍🍳 – Some dishes have fancy names that can put some off. This is basically a lovely stew, cooked in a traditional French style with plenty red wine and packed full of flavour. Roasting the Garlic and adding the mash also makes a nice change. Quite a big portion too, or save some for later.


**new** Apple and Cinnamon Crumble serves 2-4 people
 £8.90 (£4.44 per portion)

Simply – THE BEST Apple crumble you will have. I know we Should say that anyway, but seriously… This is soooooo good. But beware, once have a spoonful….. It’s a goner, you just won’t stop. And you couldn’t just pour any old custard over, that has to be homemade too…
This recipe will make a nice portion for up to 4 people, but honestly… Don’t share it too much, just enjoy.

🍽 Fresh Caramelised Apples, delicious Chunky Crumble Topping, covered in thick Homemade Custard.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – You won’t get a better Apple Crumble recipe than this. I was taught this recipe by a guy called Jey Jey over at the Gilpin Lodge in the lake District and it has stuck with me ever since. It’s got everything you could want from a crumble. I have trimmed it down a bit too to make it nice easy for you at home. You can’t not love this!


**new** Coconut Pain Perdu, with Caramelised Pineapple and Cream for 2
£9.50 (£4.75pp)

A classic French dish meaning ‘Lost Bread’. In reality it is just like French Toast…. Ok Eggy Bread, and meant for using up stale bread at home rather than chucking it. But we use fresh bread (of course) with Coconut milk and give it all a bit of a twist. We have served this in the restaurant with homemade Coconut ice cream and it went down a storm!

🍽 Coconut fried bread, with caramelized Pineapple, Cream and fresh Mint.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – I love the simplicity of this dish, even though it doesn’t sound like it could work. I guessed that as we are in strange times where preserving food supplies and rationing is more a reality than ever, this was a fitting dessert. Not to mention it is pretty lovely too!




To help you enjoy these dishes even more…
we recommend 2 of our
most popular wines from the restaurant.

they are a little more expensive than your normal supermarket brands…
but we think worth it.

White Wine

Amatore Bianco Verona – £12.45
Sauvignon Blanc Blend
A beautiful straw –yellow colour with intense citrus and tropical fruit aromas

Turtle Bay – £14.50
Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh and vibrant with passion fruit, gooseberry and some melon characters

Red Wine

Cramele Recas – Our House Wine – £10.25
Pinot Noir
Complex aromas of black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. Medium bodied with dried fruit notes that combine with fresh red berries.

Domaine Clavel Chusclan – £13.45
Cotes du Rhone
A powerful and elegant aromatic bouquet of ripe fruit, spices accompanied by a subtle mineral touch.

Pecado Estate – £15.50
Red cherries, blackcurrants and herb aromas, soft tannins and a subtle acidity support the well-rounded flavours of plums, mulberries and cherries.

Rose Wine

Marques del Atrio – 13.45
Succulent strawberry and cherry fruit flavours with a delicately creamy finish

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