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Caboose Home is an evolving concept brought to you from Caboose at Blyth Boathouse

Caboose Fresh

Caboose Fresh

Caboose FRESH

Bored of the same repetitive cooking or unhealthy takeaways….?

 We have the solution for you

👇 right here 👇

Fresh ingredients sourced, measured, packed and on your doorstep with zero contact

✅Great restaurant standard recipes created by our Chefs

✅Full instructions and great entertaining video guides included

✅All from a Blyth based company

“Ok i am interested …   Before you click above or scroll on   

don’t forget to..

“So how will i know this is the right thing for me”?

well… does this

👇Sound a bit like you? 👇

  • We are so Bored of cooking the same old stuff 🥱

    • We know… so we have created exciting restaurant standard dishes for you to cook that you wont have tried before
  • we aRe running out of ideas for things to make 😕

    • Don’t worry.. our chefs have taken care of that and we will keep adding new dishes for you to try so sign up for the updates
  • I am Fed up eating takeaway food 🤢

    • Good…its unhealthy, and right now, you need to be in the best shape to fight this virus, so we use fresh nutritious ingredients to help with your immune system
  • But i Can’t really cook 😊

    • No problem at all… we have created really simple guides and videos take you every step of the way with a few laughs thrown in…
  • I Don’t have all the fancy ingredients i need to follow recipes 🙄

    • We will send you exactly what you need with zero waste
  • I am a bit Worried about nutrition 🧐🥑

    • Yip… It’s important right now… That’s why our dishes use 100% fresh ingredients to help combat this crisis and help you  build a strong immune system
  • I really Don’t want to queue for hours at the supermarkets😠

    • Yeah, we hear you, its no fun and more risk than it’s worth…that’s we have created convenient delivery and collection slots local to you in Blyth
  • i really Can’t get out of the house 🙄

    • No problem at all, we are here to serve our community no matter what, pick a date and time and we will pop it on your doorstep, or call us and we will help you out
  • I am just Missing a bit of a treat 🤪

    • Its annoying not being able to go somewhere nice for good grub… But we guarantee you will produce restaurant standard food using our guides and you’ll love it!
  • I am Missing some fun and entertainment😆

    • Well, we ain’t no professional TV presenters,, so You’ll definitely enjoy the tutorial videos… we certainly enjoyed making them!

It is for all of these reasons and more, that We have created caboose fresh.

we know exactly how you feel… this is our way of helping you right now.

We have you covered 👊


“It all sounds quite good, but I’m still not sure…🤔

That’s absolutely fine, so Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you decide

  • I Need some fresh tasty ideas for my partner and i to cook, will this help?

    👍 Sure, our chefs have included some caboose favourites that you can recreate at home and they are all really tasty.  All of our meals are for 2 people also, so perfect for this you

  • I am busy working from home and don’t have time to plan, so i Need an easy & convenient way to get good food, will this help?

    👍 Absolutely, you can order online in advance when you have time.  Everything you need for high quality meals will arrive on your doorstep… couldn’t easier.  Just remember to order with 48 hours notice as its all bought in 100% fresh for you.

  • I won’t use the ingredients in the recipe again, so will there be loads of waste?

    👍 Absolutely not.  We weigh the whole recipe out for you… everything comes prepared and ready to cook, so no faffing about with scales and no waste at all!

  • i am not DESPERATE or stuck at home, i just Want a nice treat

    👍 That’s great, the concept not only suits those stuck at home, but also those missing going out for a nice meal…  We are willing to bet the meals you will create will certainty be a treat… and you get the kudos too!

  • I Want to enjoy  restaurant standard food, is this just a takeaway?

    👍 We are not a takeaway… we tried that and its not us.  So instead, we have opened up our supply chain and challenged our chefs to make recipes and guides that ensure you get results that look great and taste amazing!

  • i want to get good nutrition on board, will this help me be more healthy

    👍 Hey, we are not nutritionists or dietitians… we just know how to make fresh ingredients look and taste great.  But the experts we have consulted know their stuff and they say the best way to maintain a good immune system is to eat good fresh food, so that’s what we are offering to you in every meal.

  • I am really worried about contact, how do you handle this?

    👍 We respect that, and we want to avoid all contact too.  All orders and payments are online or via telephone, our collection service is completely contactless and our deliveries are too.  the whole process is 100% contactless.

  • It sounds tasty, but we are bored too, will the process keep us busy and stop boredom for a while?

    👍 Well if you imagine Jamie Oliver on the telly presenting and showing you what to do in a lovely flashy kitchen….  its nothing like that!  The videos are shot at home in one go, in a kitchen just like yours with equipment missing and some disasters along the way…  just like real life.  And that’s the point… if our head chef can help a novice create amazing food with a few hiccups, then you can to.  so yes, it is good fun and will keep you busy for a while.

Look despite what is going on, It’s no fun giving up on the little pleasures in life… so we want to make sure that nice food doesn’t have to be something you sacrifice just now.

It’s important we keep our gut in good shape right now, but also our minds.  That’s why we are trying to bring a little bit of fun and relief to you. 

We do it in the restaurant, so why not in your home when you need it the most?

Before you head off, don’t forget to register for updates as we add more dishes to our menu


What are the delivery options?

Tuesday & Wednesday

between 12 & 2pm 

✅Friday & saturday

between 12 & 2pm

Don’t forget to order 48hrs in advance

And when Can i Collect?

Tuesday & Wednesday

between 10am & 11am

✅Friday & saturday

between 10am & 11am 

don’t forget to order 48hrs in advance

Caboose Produce

Caboose Produce

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A convenient way to get hold of the essentials without the hassle and risk of the supermarkets

What’s included:

  • Packages start from £20
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, meat and fish

What are the benefits:

  • No need to visit busy supermarkets and take unnecessary risks
  • A convenient way for those in isolation and most in need to get the basics
  • A way for family or a friend to organise food for out of reach relatives or neighbours
  • The ability to buy and donate packages for those who are struggling most
  • All contactless
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Caboose Kids

Caboose Kids

Coming Soon

Caboose KIDS

Good nutritious meals, fun and educational content – keeping those little minds and bellies full.

What’s included:

  • Full ingredient packs containing fresh Meat, Fish, Vegetables and dried products
  • An easy to follow step by Step preparation and cooking guide designed specifically for the little nippers
  • 3 LIVE and interactive tutorial videos each week, created by our own little mini chef, talking you through each step of the process
  • Educational content including Maths, English, and science

What are the benefits:

  • A creative way to get some good food into the little ones
  • Entertaining and educational at the same time
  • Creating interest in good food
  • A break from the emergency chicken nuggets and beans that are now the norm…
  • A date in the diary every other day with our mini chef, to provide some routine

Coming Soon