Caboose Cheesy Chicken Crepes


Serves 2 people

Chicken and Crepes … Surely that can’t work 🤔… Oh yes it can!  It more than works, this is an absolute cracker of a dish for all the family and a filler too!  You will not be disappointed with this at all, and you can experiment with it if you like.

🍽Roast chicken, fresh mushrooms, spinach and herbs, Homemade savoury Crepes, all rolled up and smothered in the famous Caboose Cheese Sauce.

Chef Comments – 👨‍🍳This is actually quite a technical dish.  Making pancakes is easy not everyone’s forte and making a good Cheese Sauce has many a Chef in a flap.  To make the sauce, we’ll have you making a ‘Roux’… This is actually a very useful thing to be able to make for a variety of sauces.  The rest… well, it will surprise you, fill you, and have you wanting to make it again and again.

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