Caboose Chicken Balti


Serves 2 People 

A proper tasty curry, using loads of fresh ingredients and fresh spices, served with a lovely fragrant Basmati rice. Homemade flat breads to mop up all that sauce and clean your plate. With a nice portion of chunky Raita on the side to dip in. This is a great alternative to takeaways, really filling and full of good nutritious food too!

🍽 Fresh Chicken Breast, Authentic Indian Spices, Basmati rice, Homemade Flat breads and a natural Yogurt Raita with Fresh Mint and Cucumber.

Chef Comments 👨‍🍳 – This is lovely filling dish. The recipe includes authentic ground spices to add a load of flavour and smell, and then fresh green chili to add the spice. Don’t be put off by the chili, it wont blow your head off at all. This is a mild dish, but if you want to play it safe, just leave the chili out toward the end. You will definitely enjoy this, it is good fun to make, quite complex flavour combinations and it doesn’t contain all the chemicals that takeaways will have in, so all pretty good for you. The breads are pretty simple to make so don’t worry about that. Once you have done it, you can also experiment to add your own twists. A real curry and a bit different.

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