Caboose Fish Cakes


Serves 2 People 

Not quite the Caboose favorites you enjoy in the restaurant, but this is as close as we can get without all the big pieces of kit we have in the kitchen.

These fishcakes can be enjoyed as a nice starter or as a light lunch with a nice crisp side salad.

🍽 Fresh Salmon and Cod from our fishmonger, potato, parsley, panko breadcrumbs, served with wilted Spinach.

Chefs Comments 👨‍🍳 – The method we used here is similar to what we use in the restaurant, there are a few small tweaks, because you wont have pieces of equipment you’d find in a commercial kitchen, but the flavour is still there.  These fishcakes are nice and big and will make a lovely starter or lunch. I’d recommend serving with a nice crisp side salad and some tartare sauce.

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